LCL For Business

The Low Carbon Living Program benefits businesses of all sizes by reducing running costs and increasing opportunities for marketing and promotion. Going Carbon neutral will save you energy and money - and earn new customers.

The LCL program has helped us to identify ways we can minimise our carbon footprint so we can make changes one step at a time. Within the past 12 months we have installed a natural composting system and solar panels which will offset 120 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
— Anthea Hammon, General Manager, Scenic World
The installation of a 10kw solar panel system lowered the electricity bill for Leura Garage by $6,500 annually. Heating initiatives save us $7,000 in gas costs.
— James Howarth, Restaurateur, Leura Garage
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By converting food waste into compost for our garden, we have saved two to three tonnes of food waste from ending up in landfill each week, with an estimated monetary saving of $75,000 a year across the group.
— Peter Redman, Chief Engineer, Escarpment Group
Local sourcing of food and processing of waste are essential aspects to reducing our carbon load. The wide range of produce sold at the Littleton Stores is grown and produced in Australia, preferably in NSW, and ideally from the Blue Mountains.
— Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi, Owner & Manager, Littleton Stores

How LCL works

  • Access your free carbon calculator by clicking here.

  • Calculate your carbon footprint.

  • Receive a report with general recommendations on how you can lower your energy, waste and water use.

  • Act & Save!

Want bigger benefits? Become a member of Low Carbon Living today.

LCL members receive:

  • access to on site meetings and advice from our expert, environmental auditors

  • a tailor-made LCL report with detailed recommendations on how your business can lower its energy, waste and water use

  • LCL accreditation via our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum rating system

  • promotion on a LCL regional business directory & social media platforms

  • a subscription to your free monthly Low Carbon Living e-newsletter which is jam-packed with the latest low carbon technology, finance, innovation information and climate change news

  • invitations to regional LCL events such as training sessions, expos, talks and businesses networking events

  • access to discounted carbon offsets