About Low Carbon Living Australia 

The Low Carbon Living program is a nationwide, not for profit initiative which gives households, businesses and communities quick and easy tools to reduce their energy, waste and water use. 

Who’s behind LCL?


The Low Carbon Living Program has been brought to you by two key organisations. The Low Carbon Living Co-operative Research Centre  (LCL CRC) which is based at the University of New South Wales and the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute which is an internationally recognised, environmental NGO. The LCL CRC draws on world class expertise from universities around Australia and has been Australia's largest effort to introduce low carbon technologies to the market place.

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In 2014, the LCL CRC partnered with the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute, to successfully implement the pilot phase of the LCL program in the Blue Mountains region. During this pilot phase membership grew from an initial member base of 25 to over 80 businesses, schools and local organisations today.

How does it work?

It’s so easy! Whether you are a householder or a business owner, the steps are the same:

  • Calculate your carbon footprint.

  • Receive a report with a number of general recommendations on ways you can lower your energy, waste and water use.

  • Act & Save!


Want bigger benefits? Become a member of Low Carbon Living today.

LCL members receive:

  • access to on site meetings and advice from our expert, environmental auditors

  • a tailor-made LCL report with detailed recommendations on how your business can lower its energy, waste and water use

  • LCL accreditation via our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum rating system - details below

  • promotion on a LCL regional business directory & social media platforms

  • a subscription to your free monthly Low Carbon Living e-newsletter which is jam-packed with the latest low carbon technology, finance, innovation information and climate change news

  • invitations to regional LCL events such as training sessions, expos, talks and businesses networking events

Additionally, if you are in a rental property or are unable to reduce your carbon footprint by making changes to your home or business practices, another option that is available to you is to buy a carbon offset.

What is carbon offsetting?


Buying a carbon offset is a way of compensating for the amount of carbon that is produced by your home or business by investing in projects that will remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Carbon offsets typically involve investing in renewable energy projects such as wind farms, the destruction of methane created by landfill, energy efficiency schemes and tree planting projects. Low Carbon Living works with a number of providers that offer LCL members carbon offsets at discounted rates. 

How will I be rated?

The Low Carbon Living program awards participating businesses with either a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum rating which is based on the actions businesses have taken to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The ratings system is based on a points system out of 100.

Of the 100 possible points available:

  • 70 are allocated to energy-related actions, such as upgrading to energy-efficient lightbulbs or installing solar panels

  • 20 are assigned to waste management actions, such as composting and effective recycling

  • 10 are based on water use, such as the installation of low-flow showers and taps.

From here, the following ratings are given: 


Bronze - 25 points. Businesses that have taken actions to reduce their carbon footprint by 25% from their base measurements receive a bronze rating. These businesses receive a listing on a LCL regional website such as the one you see here. 


Silver - 50 points. Businesses that have taken actions to reduce their carbon footprint by 50% from their base measurements receive a silver LCL rating. These businesses also receive a premium LCL regional website listing and a regional website blog. 


Gold - 75 points. Businesses that have taken actions to reduce their carbon footprint by 75% from their base measurements are awarded a gold rating. These businesses receive a premium regional website listing plus a blog on the LCL national website. 


Platinum - 100 points. Businesses that have reduced their carbon footprint by 100% receive a Platinum rating and are declared carbon neutral. These businesses receive a premium regional website listing, a blog on the LCL national website and accreditation through the National Carbon Offset Scheme (NCOS). 

Please note that businesses that score less than 25 are classed as “Participant” and businesses that have joined but are yet to receive a rating are classed as “Not yet rated”.

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